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Welcome to Luxury Ranch!

By September 13, 2016Featured, Main Blog

I’m not sure which came first, the Artist or the Cowgirl in me.

When I started my Interior Design Company back in the mid 80’s, it wasn’t the coolest thing for a serious designer to be a Cowgirl. I would wear my Cowboy attire to the grocery store after a trail ride and people would stare, causing me to wonder what they were thinking. I actually stopped wearing my Cowboy boots to the store for quite a while.

feat-prod-buckleFast forward to now. Clients never know if I will show up in my 4 wheel drive truck in a fancy dress, or step out of my Porsche in my Cowboy boots! I am now very proud of my heritage of growing up on a ranch, of being a 5th generation Californian, and of having parents who courted on horseback as teenagers. My parents gave me the gift of formal education and life lessons on a ranch, a memorable combination that has influenced my work at Luxury Ranch. I have realized others who grew up similarly would enjoy the things I create and the services I offer to fellow equestrians. My Equine Tribute Art Furnishings are my favorite creations, allowing me to interpret horses in fun and functional furnishings.

I want to share everything ranch & equestrian with my followers. Everyone has their own definition of luxury, and for us ranch people, it is distinctive and authentic. I want to provide you with unusual, unexpected combinations of products and materials to try in your homes as well as recommend craftsmen I respect. As a Cowgirl (who has performed in rodeos for over 2 decades), I am able to bring a new and unusual genre of design to ranchers, equestrians and hunters. I call it CONTEMPORARY WESTERN DESIGN. It is for all of you out there who love cowboy interiors but want a change from the typical brown on brown color palette. I promise to “bring the bling” with style and sophistication!

Feel free to write to me about the most memorable horses in your life, it may just inspire my next piece of furniture, lighting or jewellery!

Happy trails!


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