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Luxury Ranch Blue Swirl Top

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other designers?

All designers have their specialties and I believe mine is related to my fearless concepts, understanding of color and attention to detail. There’s nothing like mixing thousands of paint swatches and hand drawing fonts from scratch, it teaches you so much more than a computer can. I believe my graphics background is the reason for my extreme attention to detail.

Do you do other projects besides ranches and luxury homes?

Most definitely! Although I have a special place in my heart for ranches, I have done everything from small beach bungalows and contemporary homes to traditional and modern condos. Often times my clients have a second home that is nothing like their ranch house!

Is any project to small?

The same principles of great design go into any project I do, large or small. I welcome all sizes of projects. Some of my smallest jobs became my favorites due to the challenges they imposed.

Will you work outside the Southern California area where you are located?

The technology of today makes it easy to do work anywhere in the US. Clients usually prefer to use the same designer on all of their projects due to the trusted relationship they have developed, so working out of state is definitely an option.

How do you approach a project out of state?

First a telephone interview to discuss the parameters of the project. Then a site visit to meet the client. If you already are working with an architect or contractor I will contact them to initiate a team strategy for your best interest. Planning and working as a team is essential to save you time and money.

What else do you offer that other designers don’t?

Most interior designers have not ventured into product development which is something I enjoy. I have a network of skilled and trusted artisans, some have worked with me for over 20 years. I work closely with them to create new prototypes for marketing to my ranch clientele.