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I Live the Life of My Clients

By May 2, 2017Main Blog
Booth Space at Del Mar National Horseshow

The Del Mar National Horseshow is on now!

This venue has become a big part of my life over the last few years. This year I had hoped to show my new gelding Zeke in the reining events during Western Week, but work called me elsewhere. But that’s okay, I was able to help out fellow Equestrian Roblee Valentine who heads Pacific Sotheby’s new Equestrian Division located in Rancho Santa Fe. She called and asked me to stage her vendor booth at the event and I gladly obliged. It was a quick exchange of ideas and voila! Using my own home furnishings including a large Mexican entry piece, 2 of my favorite leather chairs, my uncle’s Visalia saddle, some chink chaps, one of my new Concho Pillows (in a display case to be raffled off) plus a little shopping at Home Goods (where we even picked up a fluffy bed for visiting canines) and the outcome was a hit. Living the life of your clients makes it so easy to stage something when you are in a pinch!

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