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Equine Tribute Art Furnishings

Although all of my furnishings are full of authentic ranch stories, Equine Tribute Art Furnishings came first, inspired by my “Horse of a Lifetime”, Casper.

See – Touch – Feel – Remember

Create Your Custom Equine Story

Unlike a painting, our portraits are functional representations of YOUR equine story that can be touched and felt, adding dimensions a canvas cannot. Imagine sitting in a loveseat and touching the actual shoes your horse wore, or getting a sense of how he made you feel as you rode- light as air or perhaps fast as the wind. As an accomplished furniture artist, Marlene illustrates attributes of all kinds in her one of a kind creations.

Two examples of Marlene’s work are those she created for herself, the first is The “Casper” Loveseat, a tribute to her “Horse of a Lifetime”. For her 2nd piece, Marlene chose Frankie as her subject, a rather challenging blue-eyed paint gelding from Texas with no real work ethic in his DNA. The Hindquarter Chair was the result, a comfortable lazy barrel chair in the shape of equine hindquarters (with glass blue eyes in the center of a Texas star) and a long white tail attached to the back.

The process to customize this loveseat or chair (or create a completely different piece of furniture) to represent your horse is easy and starts with a phone interview and photos. Marlene’s artistic expertise in combining materials to best illustrate your animal will result in a non-literal, sophisticated, fun and functional concept for you to approve before fabrication.